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Gyraf GSSL 4000

 A project by Jacob Erland

12 men, 2 and ½ day, coffee, pizza, no sleep = 12 times GSSL.

www.audioschematics.dk soldering gssl

Hard working young men. 


 www.audioschematics.dk working on gssl




 www.audioschematics.dk working on gssl 4000

 And silence…


www.audioschematics.dk inside gssl 4000

Inside the machinery. 


www.audioschematics.dk backside gssl 4000



www.audioschematics.dk 11 times gssl 4000

Missing one 


www.audioschematics.dk 11 times gssl from front

Beautiful gear. 


www.audioschematics.dk slut gssl 4000 project end

King, Red, Me, Radmager, Uncite, Mr. Mystery, Hjort, X, Jens, Michael, Smiley, Pirate.

Over and out.


For more information go to www.groupdiy.dk